Jaguar XK8: the smart choice between 9,000 and 12,000 Euros

The Jaguar XK 284 CV 8 new can go for around 73,000 Euros. Now you can get this sporty car for less than 10,000 Euros. If you’re determined to buy one, check their book keeping and checks it is sealed properly. Overall it is a robust motor but with problems have been reported in the chain adjusters distribution of V8 engines and water pumps were a problem with the first generation. Otherwise, it’s a solid sports car.  You could geta late 90’s one from 9,000 Euros, which is a good buy.


Jeep Cherokee: robust but weak in suspension

The most recommended model is the 2.8 CRD diesel engine with 163 hp and AWD. Breakdowns can occur as a result of weak shock absorbers and an engine that  suffers if you use the Cherokee for towing. Also, double check that no light ‘check control’ is on because the overall electrical system also can cause an annoyance. There are vehicles in good condition, 2006, for 10,000 Euros.


Mazda RX8:

When one of these cars appears on the streets, there are always people turning their heads because they has never seen one due to the low number of units sold. The sound of its rotating 192 or 231 hp engine is very peculiar. Its market price starts at just 10,000 euros ; the most powerful and equipped version (, leather seats, etc.) you can find for 14,000. The Wankel engine, despite what you might hear out there is more reliable than a conventional one. Yes, it has some peculiarities, such as rotary pistons that engulf large amounts of oil or high fuel consumption.


 Mercedes Class E: 

The E-Class Estate failures were a harsh blow. Specifically, the problems were concentrated in the electronics SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) of the Mercedes E-Class built in 2004. The result? recall to the workshop in April 2005 and all sorted … less damage to the image of the firm. If you spot a bargain with six figures on the tachometer, you’ll need to consider extra expenses needed for wishbones, suspensions and rear axles. With the SBC brake problem solved, the 211 series has become one of the toughest used cars on the market. You have can get a 2003 for about 12,000 Euros.


Mercedes ML:

In some dealers, you can find this luxury SUV for less than 10,000 Euros . But you need to look in detail so as to not get you into trouble. Since 1999, a higher quality plastic was used in the passenger compartment. In the ‘facelift’ of 2001 1.100 pieces were renewed, among others, headlights and front and rear spoilers. Especially when it comes to imported vehicles, with noises and various ailments a common theme.


Mercedes Vaneo: 

In our list of used ‘elite’ also fits this mix of familiar high ceiling and compact MPV. In 2002, Mercedes Vaneo new were around 20,912 Euros. It was exhibited at dealerships since 2002, but customers did not really but it big numbers as it was too expensive second vehicle. As used, the high ceiling Mercedes is an excellent choice, something that is reflected in its average selling price which does not skimp on equipment. Used price is between 9,000 and 12,000 Euros .


Renault Megane Sport: prone to breakdowns

The sporty Megane Sport wins many points with the unbeatable setting of the chassis, suspension and high speed cornering. Standard equipment is not bad; includes nine airbags, automatic climate control and xenon headlights. The only thing that bothers me is that its turbo does not kick in until 3,000 rpm. The Megane of 2004-2009 is as good as a GTI, whose blend of comfort and sportiness is faultless. It’s a shame that these models are somewhat prone to breakdowns. Faults affect the clutch, gearbox and steering rods.


 Skoda Octavia:

The second generation Octavia offers large doses of space and trust that awakens the seal of VW in mechanical hiding under the hood. American favorites are the TDI, especially the 105 and 140 hp. For the price of TDI RS (since 2006), you’ll find few rivals with 170 hp for between 9,000 and 12,000 Euros. The direct injection is known for reliability. Despite the overall high quality of finish, there are somewhat annoying noises of plastics in the cabin and the short life of headlights and fog lights are a small issue.


Subaru Forester: highly recommended

The comforts of the Far East remains ‘exotic’ within our borders, despite the inclusion of diesel engines in its range. The generation that started shipping in 2002 had no motors driven by diesel, not many fans in Spain … but this does not mean that it is a safe buy. The reliability of the Forester with petrol engines is undeniable. The 2.0 litre version in both 125 hp and 177 hp is a power that offers no weaknesses. The drive system ‘AWD’ also has no shortcomings and still works as good as the first day. It used to be among the ‘top 10’ of the most reliable vehicles and with a used price between 9,000 and 12,000 Euros. It is a highly recommended purchase.


Toyota RAV4:

This Japanese SUV is another example of reliability on wheels. The Toyota RAV4 was first launched in 1994, in the compact SUV category. Its long-term quality made ​​history and it was very difficult to find serious flaws. The second generation was manufactured between 2000 and 2006 and had a short three-door version and a long, five. Along with the diesel and petrol engines it could be ordered with front or all-wheel drive. The tailgate does not provide much load operation and some consider it an inconvenience. Your best engine is the two litre diesel but, you know, quality has a price: between 9,000 and 12,000 Euros .


Volvo S80: most after sought diesel

The Volvo S80 is safe, virtually unbreakable and, yes, as dynamic as a turtle. But its diesel 185 hp devours the miles without asking too much gasoline engine. Safety equipment is as complete as any and mechanical variants are small, since the supply began in 109 hp and reached to 315 hp. Models sold during the first year of production was in 2006, out for a little over 10,000 Euros, even somewhat less if you want to choose one of the variants of petrol, diesel and those are the ones most requested.


In this price range, there are cars with some of the best value in the second hand market which also have a lot of spares available from car breakers and dismantlers . Vehicles that once cost four or five times and in which depreciation has a bigger impact but still offers great reliability. So you can find real bargains if you look hard enough. But beware, they can also give you ‘bait and switch’ and force you into much more expensive car repairs than you would be used to. So choose well and if you’re not sure, make sure you accompany a professional to check the car